Recod from Social Media – #55

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin: Onde estamos em termos de IA e para onde podemos ir? Singularidade x Preocupações mais imediatas como empregabilidade, preconceito e explicabilidade. Quais são as diferentes estrelas, hoje, na constelação chamada Inteligência Artificial? Para quem tiver oportunidade, acompanhem essa discussão interessante que tive essa semana no IVEPESP com Prof. Dr. Helio... Continue Reading →

DéjàVu Talks on August 2018

Graph models for machine learning: K-associated graphs and Attribute-based Decision GraphsProf. João Bertini (FT/Limeira) [slides] Abstract: Graph-based methods consist of a powerful form of data representation and abstraction. Among other features, they allow uncovering topological relationships, visualizing structures, representing groups of data with different formats, and providing alternative measures to characterize the data. However, the... Continue Reading →

Talks: LIRMM and WIFS 2017, France

Prof. Anderson Rocha is visiting the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics (LIRMM), Montpellier, France, hosted by Prof. William Puech. Two talks were/will be given: Talk #1: Dec. 12th, 2017 Interpretation of Events from Heterogenous Data: How to Connect Existing Pieces of Evidence in Time and Space Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss problems associated with... Continue Reading →

Talk: Alex Kot from NTU, Singapore

The first DéjàVu invited talk happened this week, on Nov. 27th, at IC/Unicamp. In his talk, Prof. Alex Kot, director of ROSE Lab at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, presented the most relevant ongoing research project at the Rapid-Rich Object Search (ROSE) Lab, which is comprised of 12 faculty, 26 research staff and a total... Continue Reading →

Talk: Sensitive-Video Analysis

This week, on July 6th, Daniel Moreira will talk about his doctoral research entitle “Sensitive-Video Analysis” developed at RECOD under Prof. Anderson Rocha supervision. The talk will happen at Unicamp/IC-3 main auditorium at 2 pm. Currently, he is a postdoctoral research scholar at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Notre Dame,... Continue Reading →

Workshop about Ethics of Data at IC Unicamp

Looking to present and discuss the new directions about ethics of data, the Institute of Computing (Unicamp) hosted the first edition of the workshop about ethics of data. Organized by CEPID CCES (Prof. Munir Skaf and Profa. Cláudia Bauzer Medeiros), the goal was to shed some different lights about the topic. This is why there were... Continue Reading →

Talk: Multimedia Integrity Analytics

Today Prof. Anderson Rocha will give a talk at University of Kentucky about Multimedia Integrity Analytics. The talk is part of the university weekly seminars and presentation. Abstract: Currently, multimedia objects can be easily created, stored, (re)-transmitted, and edited for good or bad. In this sense, there has been an increasing interest in finding the structure of... Continue Reading →

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