Recod from Social Media – #249

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

The best and more to-the-ground AI book I’ve read in 2021. Many colleagues believe AI Superintelligence is just around the corner and that humans will be just sidelined! WRONG! This is a MYTH!

The human brain is the most fantastic and incredible machine ever created and I believe the only true successful AI will be the one that works hand-in-hand with us, humans.

As Erik Larson discusses brilliantly in this book:

“The myth is not that true AI is possible. As to that, the future of AI is a scientific unknown. The myth of artificial intelligence is that its arrival is inevitable, and only a matter of time—that we have already embarked on the path that will lead to human-level AI, and then superintelligence. We have not. The path exists only in our imaginations.”

#artificialintelligence #ai #future #intelligencemyth #recod

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