Recod from Social Media – #212

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

Very nice article by James Vincent to #TheVerge . It leads us to think about the promises and limitations of language models and how critical we need to be about the revolution they are bringing about.

Enjoy! 🤩😊

“How would an AI writing program start an article on the future of AI writing?

If we’re looking ahead at the next 10 years of AI development, trying to predict how we will interact with increasingly intelligent software, it helps to consider those tools that can talk back. AI writing models may only be digital parrots, able to copy form without understanding meaning, but they still create a dialogue with the user. This is something that often seems missing from the introduction of AI systems like facial recognition algorithms (which are imposed upon us) or self-driving cars (where the public becomes the test subject in a dangerous experiment). With AI writing tools, there is the possibility for a conversation.”

#algorithms #future #digital #ai #development #writing #cars #ml #recod

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