Recod from Social Media – #206

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

Excelente oportunidade para discutirmos #InteligênciaArtificial e #Consciência , Natural e Artificial.

Convidamos a todos para participarem desse bate-papo com o Prof. David Gamez nessa Quarta-feira 27 de Outubro @18h. O encontro é fruto da parceria do Instituto de Computação – Unicamp , Laboratório de Inteligência Artificial e do Departamento de Informática PUC-Rio via #ConexãoRioCampinas !


Natural and Artificial Intelligence; Natural and Artificial Consciousness

The first part of the talk outlines the work I have been doing on a new universal measure of intelligence, which is based on a system’s ability to make accurate predictions. Many behaviors linked to intelligence, such as spatial, mathematical and verbal reasoning, require prediction, and our ability to succeed in a variety of environments is closely tied to our ability to predict the consequences of our actions. The second part of the talk covers my research on natural and artificial consciousness. Scientific and philosophical work on consciousness often gets stuck in philosophical difficulties, such as the hard problem or the problem of other minds. The last part of the talk explores the relationships between intelligence and consciousness in natural and artificial systems. Intelligence is a purely functional property; consciousness is not, so there cannot be a strong connection between consciousness and the many different ways in which intelligence can be implemented.

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