Recod from Social Media – #199

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

O Instituto de Computação – Unicamp convida a todos para uma palestra super interessante nessa Sexta-feira com a Profa. Esther Colombini : Pushing AI Systems to its limits!

#HIAAC : Pushing AI Systems to its boundaries 

What is the difference between what we have been doing in AI and what Cognitive systems can achieve in terms of higher-level intelligent systems? What if we could embed such agents in our 24/7 companions: the mobile phones? According to a study by Cornell University, an adult makes about 226 decisions a day concerning food alone. In Brazil, where there are more smartphones than people, thinking about how mobile devices can help us make more assertive and intelligent decisions is a challenge in experimentation. The Hub for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Architectures (H.IAAC) aims to push the boundaries of AI towards allowing for more than local decision-making in very controlled scenarios. This seminar will address the challenges involved in stepping closer towards this goal and how we aim to address them in H.IAAC. 

H.IAAC is a hub that currently comprises 50 researchers from Unicamp and some partner universities, an initiative supported by MCTI, coordinated by Softex, and executed by Unicamp and Eldorado Institute. 

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