Recod from Social Media – #133

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

Sabem o que é etnografia computacional de mídias? O Laboratório de Inteligência Artificial ( ) do Instituto de Computação – Unicamp e o Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem da Unicamp convidam a todos para uma conversa com Dr. Fernando Nobre Cavalcante em que discutiremos esse e outros assuntos.


25/Agosto às 18h!

Talk: Media Computational Ethnography: Framing WhatsApp Groups

Computational techniques are increasingly becoming efficient in the humanities and social sciences to handle the speed of information processing and experiences in social groups. Anthropology and sociology are the domain areas of ethnography that primarily use active, covert, and passive participant observation, archival research, and in-depth interviews. Linguistics, more recently, has been devoting attention to so-called linguistic ethnography as a way to delve into the textual corpora “to make the strange familiar.” Media-computational ethnography is based on symbolic interaction studies, proposing a qualitative approach to new methods and tools regarding big data in group interactions. It makes room for the researcher’s field dive into WhatsApp groups guided by quantitative latencies. It uses techniques from computational linguistics, most popularized in computer science by natural language processing, to assist the researcher to a frame-centric view of relevance. Relevance is understood as a thematic framework guided by the question: “what is it that’s going in on here?” A “media-computational ethnography” lecture introduces technical features of the Qualichat software, developed at Unicamp in 2021 in an open-source format in Python. The main objective is to bring together quantitative scholars with qualitative experts on the threats that misinformation by mediatized groups can cause in the present time.

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