Recod from Social Media – #58

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

Happy to share the latest result of our #ArtificialIntelligence research group. How to detect violence in videos? Work in partnership with Bruno Malveira Peixoto , Bahram Lavi , and Zanoni Dias appearing at the Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCI). 😍😊


Violence is one of the hardest concepts to define objectively. We propose a method that aims to enable machines to understand a high-level concept of violence by first breaking it down into smaller, more objective ones, such as fights, explosions, blood, and gunshots. We leverage characteristics of each individual sub-concept of violence (relying upon custom-tailored convolutional neural networks) to guide how they should be described.

This robust and modular approach allows different cultures and users to adapt the detector to their specific needs.

Ah… get to know our #AI and #DataScience course and follow us on LK: Mineração de Dados Complexos ! Applications open (courses in PORTUGUESE).

#MachineLearning #ArtifialIntelligence #Recod #Publications #Unicamp

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