Recod from Social Media – #35

From Anderson Rocha on Linkedin:

We are seeking candidates for a senior RESEARCHER IN PETROLEUM ENGINEERING position to work at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RECOD) Lab. at the Institute of Computing – IC and with the Center for Petroleum Studies (CEPETRO), both at the University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil, under my supervision and Prof. Denis Schiozer ‘s.

*** This is a full-time position hired under Brazilian CLT law.

*** Come work with us in a very engaging and joyful research environment and be part of cutting-edge investigations!

The position is part of a partnership between the university and private companies in the oil and gas field. The project aims at designing, developing, and combining new machine learning techniques to support the pre-salt production fields. The envisioned background of the candidate is in Petroleum Engineering or related fields.

Details in the leaflet below. Please help us to advertise.

#Research #Recod #Cepetro #MachineLearning #AI #ML #Oil #Gas #PreSalt CEPETRO – Centro de Estudos de Petróleo

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