Talk: Sensitive-Video Analysis

This week, on July 6th, Daniel Moreira will talk about his doctoral research entitle “Sensitive-Video Analysis” developed at RECOD under Prof. Anderson Rocha supervision. The talk will happen at Unicamp/IC-3 main auditorium at 2 pm. Currently, he is a postdoctoral research scholar at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Notre Dame, US, under the supervision of Prof. Walter Scheirer, where he investigates topics in Media Forensics.

Sensitive videos that may be inadequate to some audiences (e.g., pornography and violence, towards underages) are constantly being shared over the Internet. Employing humans for filtering them is daunting. The huge amount of data and the tediousness of the task ask for computer-aided sensitive-video analysis. In this talk, we will discuss how to tackle this problem in two ways. In the first one (sensitive-video classification), we explore methods to decide whether or not a video contains sensitive material. In the second one (sensitive-content localization), we explore manners to find the moments a video starts and ceases to display sensitive content. For both cases, we will explain in details how we have designed and developed effective and efficient methods, with low-memory footprint, small runtime, and suitability for deployment on mobile devices. We start with a novel Bag-of-Visual-Words-based pipeline for efficient motion-aware sensitive-video classification. Then, we move to a novel high-level multimodal fusion pipeline for sensitive-content localization. Finally, we introduce a novel space-temporal video interest point detector and video content descriptor, which we call Temporal Robust Features (TRoF).

The slides of this talk are available here.

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