Talk: Sensitive Video Analysis

Being part of a series of four talks that will be given at NTU Singapore, in this third talk Prof. Anderson Rocha (RECOD) explored the research field of Sensitive Video.

Abstract: Sensitive video can be defined as any motion picture that may pose threats to its audience. Typical representatives include pornography, violence, child abuse, cruelty to animals, etc. Sensitive-content analysis represents a major concern to law enforcers, companies, tutors, and parents, due to the potential harm of such contents over minors, students, workers, etc. In this talk, we will discuss how to tackle this problem in two ways. In the first one, we aim at deciding whether or not a video stream presents sensitive content, which we refer to as sensitive-video classification. In the second one, we aim at finding the exact moments a stream starts and ends displaying sensitive content, at frame level, which we refer to as sensitive-content localization. For both cases, we design and develop effective and efficient methods, with low-memory footprint and suitable for deployment on mobile devices. During the talk, each of these methods will be explained in details. We start with a novel Bag-of-Visual-Words-based pipeline for efficient time-aware sensitive-video classification. Then we move to a novel high-level multimodal fusion pipeline for sensitive-content localization. Finally, we introduce a novel space-temporal video interest point detector and video content descriptor.

Date: 27 Feb 2017, Monday

Time: 2.00pm – 3.00 pm (Seated by 1.50pm)

Venue:  Demo Room, ROSE Lab, Research Techno Plaza (RTP), Level 4, Border X Block, 50 Nanyang Drive, 637553

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