Talk: Leveraging Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Features for Spoofing Detection in Images and Videos

Being part of a series of four talks that will be given at NTU Singapore, in this second talk Prof. Anderson Rocha (RECOD) will explore the research field of Spoofing Detection in Images and Videos.

Abstract: Recent advances on biometrics, information forensics, and security have improved the recognition effectiveness of facial biometric systems. However, an ever-growing challenge is the vulnerability of such systems to spoofing attacks, in which impostor users create synthetic samples from original biometric information of a valid user and show them to the biometric system seeking to authenticate themselves as valid users. Depending on the trait used by the biometric systems, the type of attack varies with the type of material used to build the synthetic samples. For instance, in facial biometric systems, an attempted attack is characterized by the type of material the impostor uses such as a photograph, a digital video, or a 3-D mask with the facial information of a target user. In iris-based biometrics, spoofing attempts can be performed with printed photo or with contact lenses containing the iris patterns of a target user. Finally, fingerprint biometric systems can be spoofed by an impostor user in possession of replicas of the fingerprint patterns built with materials such as latex, play-doh, silicone, among other. In this talk, we will present anti-spoofing solutions whose objective is to detect attempted attacks considering these different types of attacks, in each modality. The lines of investigation include devising and developing visual representations based on spatial, temporal and spectral information and deep learning techniques.

If you are interested in the talk’s content, the slides are available here.

Date: 22 Feb 2017, Wednesday

Time: 2.00pm – 3.00 pm (Seated by 1.50pm)

Venue: Demo Room, ROSE Lab, Research Techno Plaza (RTP), Level 4, Border X Block, 50 Nanyang Drive, 637553

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