Talk: Media Provenance Analytics: Concepts and Applications of Multimedia Phylogeny

Being part of a series of four talks that will be given at NTU Singapore, in this first talk Prof. Anderson Rocha (RECOD) will explore the research field of Multimedia Phylogeny.

Abstract: Currently, multimedia objects can be easily created, stored, (re)-transmitted, and edited for good or bad. In this sense, there has been an increasing interest in finding the structure of temporal evolution within a set of documents and how documents are related to one another overtime. This process, also known in the literature as Multimedia Phylogeny, aims at finding the phylogeny tree(s) that best explains the creation process of a set of related documents (e.g., images/videos) and their ancestry relationships. Solutions to this problem have direct applications in forensics, security, copyright enforcement, news tracking services and other areas. In this talk, we explore solutions for reconstructing the evolutionary tree(s) associated with a set of visual documents, more specifically images and videos. This can be useful for aiding experts to track the source of child pornography image broadcasting or the chain of image and video distribution in time, being extremely useful for complex different media provenance tasks. Finally, we will also discuss how to implement such solutions in large-scale considering millions of documents at the same time.

If you are interested in the talk’s content, the slides are available here.

Date: 15 Feb 2017, Wednesday

Time: 2.00pm – 3.30 pm (Seated by 1.50pm)

Venue: Demo Room, ROSE Lab, Research Techno Plaza (RTP), Level 4, Border X Block, 50 Nanyang Drive, 637553. Singapore

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